New features


New features

Bar charts

Comparing data is made trivial with the new bar chart! A bar chart can be processed pre-attentively; in other words it allows you to compare values subconsciously, without having to dwell on it. Hence, prefer bar charts to compare values and reveal the "shape" of your data, but stick to tables for looking up a specific value.

Bar chart v1.png

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Counting all users and devices (beta)

Nexthink Portal has been enhanced with a new way of computing metrics related to inventory use cases. Until now all values shown in Portal were computed by considering active objects. For instance a metric counting Windows 10 devices returns the number of devices running Windows 10 that were turned on during the period of time specified by the user (for instance a specific day). When it comes to inventory use cases however it might be more interesting to count all known devices with Windows 10 installed regardless of the fact that they were turned on or not. With V6.6 it is now possible to define such metrics for both users and devices.

This feature is available for all V6.6 installations, however we have decided to consider it in beta state while we evaluate users' response. We would love to hear your opinion at [email protected]!

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Finder display field selector

Finder just became more user friendly! When running investigations you need to pick out which fields to display among the hundreds that Nexthink provides. We have introduced a brand new selector that makes it possible to quickly search fields instead of manually navigating a complex menu. Moreover all fields are now better organized thanks to an improved categorization.

Display fields v1.png

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New delivery model

Want to always have the latest features but find it difficult to keep up with the updates? We have drastically improved our delivery model and hope you find it easy to stay on the cutting edge.

Appliance update and federation

By default the product will remain automatically up-to-date, providing you with all the new features, benefits and security patches introduced in new releases. Moreover, advanced configuration settings allow you to define an update policy that matches internal requirements.

On top of the update policy, other configuration settings can now be automatically replicated across different appliances thus simplifying the management of the Nexthink platform. The Nexthink Console has been completely reorganized to make the administration job even easier.

Web console v1.png

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Finder installer and auto-update

Introduced in beta in V6.5, the new Finder has now been confirmed. Installing the Finder has never been so easy thanks to our new install & update mechanism. Nexthink users with Finder access just need to sign in to the Portal and select Install Nexthink Finder after clicking on their username.

Finder install steps v1.1.png

After that, it is just a question of launching the downloaded installer. This will start the Finder with pre-configured settings to connect to your Portal. From this point on, the Finder will update itself, seamlessly even if newer versions of the Portal and the Engine are installed.

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Install and forget Collector (preview)

After the first installation, you will never have to think about Nexthink Collectors again. Starting from V6.6, Collectors are in fact able to update themselves by retrieving the latest version from their Engine. As for the Appliances, extensive configuration options allow you to apply the update policy that will best suit your company.

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New hardware requirements

The hardware requirements for the Nexthink Engine have been increased to accommodate the new delivery model. All V6.6 (and later) installations must now conform to the specification described in the hardware requirements page.

Other changes

NXQL limits

The 7-day limit imposed for certain NXQL queries has now been lifted. Developers however should pay attention to potential performance impact of running a large number of highly complex queries.

Finder and Windows Vista

Windows Vista is no longer supported to run Nexthink Finder V6.6. As Vista is no longer actively supported by Microsoft and its usage share is extremely low, we hope this should not be an issue to our users. In case you are still using this platform, we encourage you to move to a newer operating system to continue receiving the latest Nexthink versions and features.

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SHA-1 is now available on top of MD5 for binaries. This new field does not require a Collector update.