New features


New features

End-User Feedback Module

The Nexthink End-User Feedback Module introduces a new way for IT to interact with the end-user, understand their needs and provide services that better align to business needs. By using this module, IT departments will be better able to:

  • Discover user satisfaction levels with IT and the needs of end-users
  • Understand how to improve the business productivity of end-users
  • Quantify the true business impact of problems
  • Get feedback during project, changes and transformation projects


Subjective end-user data can be analyzed together with the hundreds of metrics currently reported by Nexthink Collector to obtain true end-to-end visibility on both endpoint and infrastructure performance as well as end-user perception and satisfaction. This unique combination is key not only to understand what is happening but also to extract concrete action items to resolve problems and improve IT satisfaction.

If you are interested in learning more about the End-User Feedback Module and Nexthink's End-User Experience Improvement Solution please contact your Nexthink partner or account manager.

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Nexthink provides hundreds of metrics that can be used to measure endpoint and infrastructure performance at a technical level, but how can this information be used to understand the big picture and define KPIs that can be tracked over time? This is where the concept of score comes in. A score is a higher level indicator obtained by weighing several technical factors together.

Scores v2.png

With Nexthink you can build scores on endpoint performance, infrastructure health, service quality, and many more. Moreover, all scores can be customized to meet your needs. Scores are computed for individual devices or users and are aggregated across the whole environment to provide an understanding of the overall context. They can be broken down by region and analyzed as they evolve during time. To obtain more information about scores and customizing them for your environment, please contact your Nexthink Customer Success Services representative.

Other changes

Advanced tooltip

Our new Portal tooltip allows you to obtain more details about the indicators shown in your dashboards. The tooltip has been standardized for KPI, table and bar chart widgets. It shows the following data:

  • Precise representation of the value, for instance, 1149 devices instead of 1.15k
  • Details for ratios, for instance, to understand that 4.3% means 4 devices out of 93
  • Variation with respect to the previous value
  • Threshold, if one has been defined in the corresponding metric
  • When applicable, links to access Finder and details

Advanced tooltip v1.png

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More on bar charts

The bar charts introduced in the previous versions have been enhanced with support for quantity metrics, thresholds and fixed scale.

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Restrictions on default encryption protocols for Engine

We have introduced some restrictions to prevent the establishment of connections using obsolete encryption protocols to/from Engine. Starting with V6.7 by default Nexthink Engine will only support TLS1.1 or later. In most environments this should not have an impact, however we encourage you to validate that all external integrations - including LDAP - are still working correctly after upgrade.

Counting all users and devices - confirmed

Thanks to the very positive feedback, the new feature introduced as beta in the V6.6 Portal, allowing a count of all users and devices has been confirmed. It is now officially part of the product.