New features


New features

Scores in user and device views

A score is a higher level indicator obtained by weighing together several different technical factors. Scores were introduced as part of V6.7 to allow you to understand the big picture and define KPIs that can be tracked over time. V6.9 enhances this concept by allowing you to understand the details of a score for a specific user or device. There are several use cases where this functionality is used, the most important one being in the context of your helpdesk.

Scores device view v1.png

When using Nexthink as part of the incident management process, this new functionality will allow you to:

  • Save time in L1 support by performing quicker analyses: the red/green indicators enable your team to immediately diagnose common problems.
  • Improve the escalation process and have a more focused L2/L3 support: by requiring that all escalated tickets comply with the L1 checklist you can ensure that key requirements have been met before escalation.
  • Decrease support costs by enabling shift-left: the checklist can enable L1 to resolve incidents that would have previously been escalated.

The benefits are not limited to support use cases, however. These new visualizations are available for any score, for example enabling you to fix compliance and performance problems more easily.

To obtain more information about scores and how to customize them for your environment, please contact your Nexthink Customer Success Services representative.

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End-user feedback got international

Nexthink customers operate in multiple time and language zones, and when communicating with end-users (company employees) precision and clarity are essential.


For this reason we have adopted a standard format supported by numerous tools available on the market to allow you to translate your end-user feedback campaigns to different languages. Getting real-time, targeted feedback from your end-users, no matter where they are, has never been so easy!

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AD-based account provisioning is official!

Gone are the days when you needed to manually maintain user accounts in Nexthink. With V6.9 you can link Nexthink with Active Directory and provision users and permissions dynamically based on AD security groups. It's more secure, easier and faster!

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Other changes

Portal API beta

Do you wish to use Portal data in your favourite reporting tools? Get a slice of this feature by participating in our beta program. You will be able to try it out with a limited set of features and give us suggestions on how you would use it.

Did we interest you? To receive instructions on how to activate the feature directly in V6.9, contact us at [email protected] using "Portal API beta program" as the subject of your email.

New aggregates and fields in NXQL

V6.9 contains three new aggregates in NXQL that allow you to better analyze performance problems. Several other fields and aggregates have also been added to NXQL.

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Visualize hierarchy as a tree

To aid in the configuration of complex hierarchies we have introduced a tool that allows Nexthink administrators to visually analyze the structure of the organization.