Receiving campaign notifications


Receiving campaign notifications


As soon as a campaign is published, the set of end-users that form the target audience start receiving notifications on all their Windows devices which have the Collector installed.

The Collector includes a tray application that displays campaign notifications with a unified look-and-feel across all types of Windows devices. Thus, campaign questions look similar to standard Windows 10 notifications in all supported versions of Windows. Brand your campaigns for Windows users with your own corporate logo and colors.

Applies to platforms: PlatformWindows.png

For its part, the Mac Collector displays campaigns notifications through the standard macOS notification mechanism. By default, users receive alert type notifications, so the notification stays on the screen until the user clicks either the button to answer the campaign or to postpone it.

Applies to platforms: PlatformMac.png

Conditions to receive notifications

For a user to receive a campaign notification, the following conditions must be met:

  • The device is turned on.
  • The user is logged in to the device.
  • The Collector is running on the device and communicating with the Engine through its TCP channel.

Notifications are retried every 15 minutes for every device that does not fulfill the conditions.

In addition, the Collector does not display notifications in the following cases:

  • The device is running an application in full-screen mode. Displaying the notification might annoy the user.
  • The user has not been active for the last 15 seconds. The notification might go unnoticed if the user is absent.

Accepting or rejecting to participate

When receiving a notification from a campaign, the end-user sees:

  • The sender of the campaign, including an optional picture.
  • The title of the campaign.
  • A text inviting to take the campaign (the configured footer).
  • A couple of buttons to decide whether to answers the questions of the campaign. The user has two choices:
    • Click Show take the survey immediately.
    • Click Not now to skip the participation on the campaign.

If the user clicks the Not now button to skip the campaign, another dialog pops up with the question When would you like to be reminded? The user has two other options:

  • Click Never not to receive any other notification regarding this campaign ever again in the current device. This choice is remembered as long as the campaign is active. The user gets notified again in the same device only if the campaign is retired and then republished.
  • Click Later to answer the questions of the campaign at some point in the future. The value in the configuration setting of the campaign Reminder frequency determines the time when the user will receive again a notification for participating in the campaign.

Note that the participation of a user in a campaign is local to each device that the user utilizes. For instance, if a user declines to participate in a campaign from one particular device, the user may still receive notifications about the same campaign in other devices.