Reusing dashboard content


Reusing dashboard content


Administrators and selected normal users can publish Portal content for other users to share the same dashboards. The unit of sharing is the module; therefore, when a module is published, it is shared with all the dashboards and widgets that it holds.

Nevertheless, not all the users are able to see all the published modules. Users can see a particular published module only according to specific rules that depend on the users' type and their roles.

Publishing a module

To publish a module, you need to be an administrator or a normal user whose profile explicitly allows the publication of dashboards. To publish a module, first create the module or modify an already published module by copying it to your personal content. To make a local copy of a published module in the PERSONAL section:

  1. Log in to the Portal as administrator or as a normal user with the right to create and publish Portal content.
  2. Click the module navigation tool in the left-hand side of the dark blue ribbon.
  3. Open the published module. Either:
    • Click the name of a module under a section corresponding to one of your assigned roles in My content.
    • Click the name of a module in All published.
  4. Click the menu icon in the right-hand side of the dark blue ribbon.
  5. Select the option Copy module to my content.

Once you have created the new module or modified an existing module, publish it:

  1. While viewing the module content in the Portal, click the menu icon in the right-hand side of the dark blue ribbon.
  2. Under the section MODULE, select the option Publish module.... A dialog shows up.
  3. Publish your module as new or substitute an existing module. Choose between:
    • Create new module. Type in a name for the module that is not repeated. Note that, in the list of existing modules, normal users do not see the names of those modules that were created by administrators. Therefore, there can be a name conflict even if you do not see the name that you chose for your module in the list.
    • Replace existing module. Note that only administrators can replace the modules created by other administrators.
      1. Choose the module to replace from the list.
  4. Optional: Tick the box Keep a copy in my personal content if you do not want the module to disappear from your PERSONAL section after publishing.
  5. Click Done to actually publish the module.

After publishing the module, administrators can assign the module to a role.

Seeing a published module

Normal users see only those published modules that are included in their roles inside the My content group, or modules that were created by other users wihtin the All published group.

For their part, administrators see, in addition to the published modules included in their roles, the modules published by themselves and by other administrators or normal users in the All published group.

Find the summary of permissions and access rights for Portal users.

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